Not every pitch or press release will land and why it doesn’t matter

Communicating in the world of industrial B2B PR can be complex. Over the years, our clients have been laser-focused on securing media engagements with trade publications both aligned and adjacent to their industries. Now, the needle is moving and we are finding more brands are requesting support with top tier media plans. However, the reality is, profiling B2B brands in largely consumer facing papers is a challenge. The message that we find ourselves consistently communicating to our clients is that not every pitch and press release will land immediate results, but that doesn’t matter. The effort is still critically important, and the results will come through. Here are some key points to remember when thinking top tier.

Don’t forget the core audience

Industrial B2B brands should always continue to focus on trade media engagement. These trade media outlets cater to specific industries and directly reach highly relevant and engaged audiences. Any coverage secured in trade outlets strengthens a brand’s third-party advocacy, directly supporting stakeholder trust and even high-quality leads. Engagement in these titles is not to be forgotten.

Advisories vs releases

At SE10, we spend a lot of time advising our clients on the best media approaches for them. And sometimes, we recommend sending what we call an “advisory” to the press, which might not directly result in coverage. Continuously communicating with, and updating, a brand’s core media ecosystem is of paramount importance to remain top of mind for journalists as they ideate and write stories. This can often lead to direct opportunities coming straight to us for our clients. Advisories we might send and expect low to no coverage could be award wins or leadership appointments, for example.

Complex ideas for consumer audiences

When it comes to trade media engagement, it’s important to get granular. Audiences who understand the technical details of an industry want to dig into the specifics. However, when we start to target top tier publications, we need to “zoom out” and start to ask ourselves, what aspect of this industrial B2B brand is important to someone reading a Sunday paper? The detail is often no longer important, and instead tying business topics to wider national/global commentary is key. Simple language, engaging examples, and visual aids will all help when pitching a potentially complex topic to top tier journalists.

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By Rosie Hopkins

Account Director

About the author

Rosie is an account director at SE10 based out of the London office. She has over a decade of PR experience that spans agency and in-house communications roles across London and Singapore. She uses her experience to help clients strategise and deliver on PR campaigns across the globe.