Media Relations

With many of the SE10 staff having previously worked in newspaper, magazine or television journalism, we have first-hand experience of the pressures facing journalists today, as well as the types of stories and pitches that will appeal to editors. In our efforts to make journalists’ working lives as easy as possible, we also regularly help our clients achieve a share of voice that far exceeds their market share.

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Media Strategy

We help clients develop media strategies that establish then build their reputation. Using clear road maps we plan clients’ media exposure across markets and industry-verticals to deliver a stronger level of understanding among the audience.


From press conferences to media tours to industry exhibitions, we help clients plan and deliver media strategies that maximize their exposure. Despite the ongoing expansion of the digital world, face-to-face events with media remain highly effective.


Ensuring your spokespeople deliver the right message in the right way can undoubtedly make or break a story. With its foundations in journalism, SE10 has the right team with the right skills to ensure your people are briefed and ready from the get-go.

Content Creation

With resources in media organizations continuing to feel the squeeze, companies that can provide compelling and original stories to journalists stand a stronger chance of success. Our writers combine great story-telling with an understanding of technical industries to provide a wide variety of unique content.

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