Understanding the motivations and working conditions of media professionals

In the dynamic world of public relations, understanding the journalist’s perspective is crucial for building successful media relations strategies and at SE10, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by journalists, editors, and producers today.

With most of our team having worked previously as journalists or having achieved professional journalism qualifications, such as from the NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) in the UK, we possess unique insights that enable us to forge effective relationships and deliver outstanding results for our clients in the industrial B2B sector.

Groundbreaking news and relatable human-interest stories

Journalists are motivated by a relentless pursuit of captivating stories that inform, entertain, and engage their audiences. They are driven by the thrill of uncovering groundbreaking insights, spotlighting human interest tales, and shedding light on pressing issues.

At SE10, we understand this inherent quest for compelling content and align our media relations strategies accordingly. By understanding the journalist’s motivations, we can provide them with newsworthy angles, exclusive access to industry experts, and engaging narratives that resonate with their audiences, ensuring our clients’ stories receive the attention they deserve.

Quality and accuracy

Journalists have high expectations when it comes to the content they cover. They demand accuracy, relevance, and timeliness in the information they receive. As a PR agency with a deep-rooted journalism background, we are keenly aware of these expectations. Our team excels at delivering concise, factual, and well-researched materials that meet journalists’ stringent standards. By consistently providing reliable and relevant information, we build trust and credibility with media professionals, establishing long-term relationships that benefit our clients.

Time constraints and story demands

Journalists operate in a fast-paced environment where time is of the essence. They face tight deadlines, competing priorities, and the constant demand for fresh and engaging stories. At SE10, we comprehend the pressures journalists face, having experienced them firsthand.

We design our media relations strategies to accommodate these working conditions, offering journalists ready-to-publish materials, expert interviews, and access to industry insights that save them valuable time and effort. By streamlining their workflow and providing valuable resources, we become a trusted partner to journalists, ensuring that our clients’ news is featured prominently.

Trust and relevance

Building strong relationships with journalists, editors, and producers is at the core of effective media relations. At SE10, we leverage our extensive network of industry contacts, cultivated through our journalism experience, to connect with key media professionals. Our approach is built on trust, relevance, and tailored interactions. We take the time to understand journalists’ beats, interests, and preferences, adjusting our pitches and press releases to their specific needs. By providing valuable and newsworthy content, we become a reliable resource for journalists, increasing the likelihood of media coverage and brand visibility for our clients.

Contact us to discuss how we can leverage our journalistic backgrounds to achieve greater success in your industrial B2B media relations efforts. 

By Hannah Kitchener

Associate Director

About the Author

Hannah is an associate director based in the UK, who leverages her strategic, campaign management, and written content creation expertise to support clients in the construction, energy, and materials handling sectors across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). With a professional qualification in Journalism from the National Council of Training for Journalism in the UK, Hannah has strong interviewing and writing skills that enable her to craft compelling content for clients across multiple platforms. Her experience and knowledge of the construction, energy, and materials handling sectors, meanwhile, have helped her build a strong network of trade media contacts across the EMEA region, enabling her to secure meaningful media coverage for clients. In addition to her journalism training, Hannah’s academic qualifications have further honed her ability to communicate across cultures and languages. Having studied French and German at BA level, and with an MA in Translation, Hannah has a passion for inter-cultural communication, which is invaluable to SE10 in executing PR campaigns across multiple markets and in several languages.