SE10’s meetup in Edinburgh: an invigorating blend of old and new

After holding regional SE10 events in Pennsylvania, USA, and Brighton, UK, in gloomy weather earlier this year, the company’s most recent all-staff meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, enjoyed clearer skies.

Since transitioning to remote work in 2020, we’ve embarked on a journey to redefine what it means to be part of a dynamic team. While remote working offers tremendous benefits, such as location independence, flexible schedules, and a better work-life balance, we recognize the undeniable value of face-to-face interactions for fostering knowledge sharing, understanding, inclusivity, and a vibrant company culture.

In early June, team members from the U.S., UK, and Singapore traveled long distances to gather in Edinburgh for a week of energizing sessions, important discussions, and exciting cultural and culinary experiences.

CEO Ben shared his vision for the future of the company

Amidst a historical setting, we experienced a collaborative and connected atmosphere. The week began with informative sessions covering various topics such as content creation, media relations, design, data analysis, and finance.

We pride ourselves on the diverse range of skills, knowledge, and experience within our team. While we use virtual meetings, instant messaging, and cloud-based documents to collaborate on projects, we understand that physical proximity offers a unique opportunity to learn from each other and incorporate different perspectives into our work.

Medha gave a presentation to the group on making the most of our Cision PR software

At SE10, we believe that everyone has a voice worth hearing, which is why we encouraged all team members, regardless of seniority or experience, to share their knowledge and skills through presentations to the group. Witnessing the engagement and inclusivity within these sessions was truly inspiring and we all found immense value in getting to know each other’s expertise and cultivating a support network that fuels innovation.

Hannah, Rosie and Ricardo don PPE for a factory tour

Deepening our understanding and relationships with clients is also a crucial aspect of our approach. So as is customary for our company at such get-togethers, we took a trip on ScotRail to visit one of our esteemed clients just outside Glasgow. The opportunity to visit the client as a cohesive unit, rather than limiting it to those solely involved in the account, enabled our entire team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s challenges, priorities, and feedback.

Maria was thrilled to get behind the wheel of a truck on the test track

This collective knowledge will enhance brainstorming sessions and idea generation, not only for that specific client but also for other accounts, infusing our work with fresh inspiration. It was a valuable experience for both veteran and new staff, and we had the opportunity to test-drive some pretty cool vehicles!

The team enjoyed some delicious street food from around the world

The last two evenings were particularly exciting as we engaged in an intense bowling competition, followed by an exhilarating night of dancing to the energetic tunes and moves of a traditional Scottish Ceilidh band. We also took the time to acknowledge birthdays and other important events in the lives of our team members.

The last dancers standing after a night out at a Ceilidh

We enjoyed sunny days, breathtaking scenery, and fantastic company. We learned from each other, forged personal connections, and built lasting friendships that will undoubtedly contribute to a more productive, efficient, and enjoyable work environment. Our gathering in Edinburgh was truly one for the books.

Jack, Medha and Hannah climbed up Arthur's Seat, an ancient volcanic hill, for breathtaking panoramic views of the city and it's surroundings
Ricardo Rosa

By Ricardo Rosa

Account Director

About the Author

Ricardo Rosa is a former journalist who first joined the SE10 team in 2014. In his role as account director for several clients in the Americas region, he combines his writing and media relations background with his language skills to bring clients’ stories to the foreground. His talent for building strong relationships with both clients and colleagues lays a solid foundation for implementing successful PR campaigns with measurable results. Ricardo is originally from Brazil and holds a graduate degree in public affairs reporting from Columbia College Chicago.