From Boston to London: Yasmin Abraham’s first year at SE10

Yasmin Abraham

We sat down with our digital marketing manager Yasmin Abraham to discuss her first year at SE10. From transatlantic ventures to innovative digital strategies, Yasmin has already made a big impact in her time with us so far. Yasmin, we can’t believe it’s been a year already! It’s been an amazing year working alongside you […]

Team SE10’s 2023 highlights

From factory tours to product launches, our colleagues share their most memorable experiences of 2023, offering a glimpse into SE10’s year of professional growth, adventures, and achievements. In the whirlwind that was 2023, we embraced new beginnings, welcomed fresh faces to our global team, and delved into exciting projects with our valued clients. As we […]

A year of growth for Jack Porter

We caught up with UK account executive Jack Porter to find out how his sports journalism experience and enthusiasm for embracing new challenges have helped him thrive during his first year at SE10. Jack, it’s been a fantastic year working alongside you. To start, can you share a bit about your background as a sports […]

The challenges of offering internships in a post-pandemic, remote-working era

This last summer was the first time that SE10 had an intern again since after the COVID-19 pandemic started and the company adopted remote work across all three offices. The team was excited to welcome Sydni Bratthauar, a Digital Communication and Multimedia student from John Carroll University, who is passionate about reading and writing and […]

SE10: Celebrating 21 years of Industrial B2B public relations

21 years ago, two former trade magazine editors set out on a mission to create a new PR agency that truly understood the industrial B2B space and could deliver transformative storytelling for clients. Today, SE10 combines content, creative, digital and data, to do just that on a global scale. I’m really proud to pen […]

From classroom to boardroom: Inspiring the next generation of PR professionals

SE10’s Digital Marketing Manager, Yasmin Abraham, and I recently had the pleasure of meeting a group of Advertising and PR students from the Loyola University Chicago School of Communication. These budding professionals were visiting London as part of an immersive course in international PR and we were honoured to join one of their morning sessions. […]

SE10’s meetup in Edinburgh: an invigorating blend of old and new

After holding regional SE10 events in Pennsylvania, USA, and Brighton, UK, in gloomy weather earlier this year, the company’s most recent all-staff meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, enjoyed clearer skies. Since transitioning to remote work in 2020, we’ve embarked on a journey to redefine what it means to be part of a dynamic team. While remote […]

From client visits to pivotal pitches: Ben Shaw’s productive trip to Singapore

In late March 2023, my colleagues Salmah, Neha and I had the pleasure of hosting Ben Shaw, our CEO, at our SE10 Singapore office. Ben’s two-week trip to Singapore was packed with exciting opportunities as we dove into client visits, gained business insights, and got a glimpse of upcoming launches. One standout moment during our […]

Team UK discusses bright future in Brighton

Three months after congregating in London and with Q1 2023 already approaching its end, the UK contingent of SE10 flocked to the Brighton beach front for a two-day meet-up. Though sun by the shore wasn’t on the agenda, SE10 branded sticks of rock got the team swiftly into the seaside spirit almost as eagerly as […]