Happy one-year SE10 anniversary to Salmah El Haissane

Marking a year of being part of SE10, Account Manager Salmah El Haissane speaks about how much she has enjoyed interacting with new clients out of the Singapore office and working across Southeast Asia in the B2B space.

First of all, congratulations Salmah on your first year at SE10!

Thank you! I can’t believe it’s been a year already! It’s gone by so fast and was filled with many firsts, and great experiences.

How did you come to join the company?

Ten years ago, fresh out of university, I made the decision to move to Singapore from the UK and ended up falling in love with Southeast Asia where I’ve been lucky enough to build a career.

After graduating, I jumped straight into a magazine internship and then into lifestyle editorial. I was interacting with PR professionals daily and, through my curiosity, I decided to transition into PR agency life, initially focusing on B2C clients in the food and beverage and luxury sectors.

I wanted to explore other areas in communications, and this led me to pivot towards B2B PR where I had the opportunity to work with one of the world’s largest loudspeaker companies, assisting in setting up their communications across Southeast Asia.

Salmah meeting up with the SE10 team in Edinburgh, Scotland.

It was during this period that I realised how much I enjoyed the B2B space and wanted to build my skill set in this area, while also bringing fresh perspectives from B2C and journalism. When the opportunity at SE10 presented itself, I knew it was the perfect fit to further my PR career in the industry. Our portfolio of clients is incredibly exciting. Being able to amplify our clients’ stories in so many different ways and demonstrate their value is what truly excites me about this role.

What is it like living and working in Singapore?

I’m originally from France but grew up in Southeast London. Singapore is one of those incredible places where integration comes effortlessly, and I’ve been fortunate to carve out a fulfilling career path and work in diverse global environments. Working across continents, bridging cultures and industries, has enriched my professional journey immensely. Today, as I engage with clients and collaborate with our global team, I draw upon the experiences gained from navigating these diverse landscapes.

Working with clients across such a large area as Southeast Asia, how much do balance the way you interact and communicate?

In our post-COVID era, with remote work becoming the new norm, I’ve come to value the opportunities to connect with our clients in person and am so pleased to see how happy clients are when we take time to make face-to-face interactions. A highlight from my first year was our trip to Shanghai to visit our clients Volvo CE and Manitowoc at their China offices. This is something that distinguishes SE10 for me. It’s the little attention to detail to ensure that our clients feel heard and appreciated. I am genuinely grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with such great clients!

With your experience in both B2B and B2C PR, what lessons have you learnt and employ most on a day-to-day basis?

It was a welcomed challenge to shift into B2B, but, at the same time, the results feel more rewarding, and I have come to enjoy the thrill of B2B and tweaking it to add some consumer thinking at the same time. In B2C, it’s all about creating emotional connections and telling stories, and with B2B, it’s more about data and finding/presenting solutions (or so people assume). But I’ve found that the skills I’ve learned in B2C such as crafting engaging stories and building trust can also be applied in our industry. By blending the best of both worlds, I aim to create communications that really hit the mark for businesses and their people.

What are some of the interesting campaigns you worked on with clients so far at SE10? 

The most exciting campaign for me last year was Volvo Construction Equipment’s launch of the first electric machines in Southeast Asia. It was exciting for me to see these machines for the first time after months of learning about the potential and technology of electric construction equipment! It was also a chance to meet some of the key members of the Volvo leadership team face-to-face where I also had the opportunity to lead my first media interview panel which I really enjoyed!

How do you see your second year across 2024 with SE10?

I’m looking forward to continuing to settle and grow alongside an amazing and supportive team at SE10. Building on a strong foundation in my first year, I hope to continue to support my clients and embark on new challenges ahead this year with some exciting projects.

Salmah and the panel during Volvo Construction Equipment’s launch of electric machines in Southeast Asia.

By Salmah El Haissane

Account Manager

About the author

Originally from the UK, Salmah has been residing and working in Singapore for nine years. With a diverse background in both journalism and PR, her regional expertise spans B2B and B2C communications, media relations, content development, and campaign management.