SE10: Celebrating 21 years of Industrial B2B public relations

21 years ago, two former trade magazine editors set out on a mission to create a new PR agency that truly understood the industrial B2B space and could deliver transformative storytelling for clients. Today, SE10 combines content, creative, digital and data, to do just that on a global scale.

I’m really proud to pen this blog post to celebrate the 21st anniversary of SE10 and reflect on our incredible journey. With the support of loyal clients, dedicated colleagues and kind friends in the media, we have overcome so many challenges and achieved so much.

Before founding SE10, I had the privilege of experiencing two distinct worlds – the world of engineering, where I developed a deep technical understanding of complex technology topics, and the world of journalism, where I honed my storytelling skills as a technical writer for business magazines (including many years as Editor of International Cranes & Specialized Transport).

Writing excellence

It was as an editor that I noticed a gap in the market for an agency that truly understood the industrial B2B space. We saw a need to make journalists’ lives easier by providing them with well-crafted content that could be seamlessly placed into their publications. And so, SE10 was born. Fueled by our desire to bridge the gap between the technical intricacies of industrial businesses and the broader audience that deserved to hear their stories.

At the outset, the team consisted mainly of former journalists who shared our passion for storytelling. Our mission was clear: create engaging content and provide access to interviews that met journalists’ needs. Little did we know that this humble beginning would pave the way for the dynamic, global agency we are today.

London Team Dinner in 2022

New channels and wider skills set

Over the years, the PR industry has undergone a profound transformation, shifting its focus from earned media to encompass owned, paid, and shared media. We’ve evolved with the times, adapting to the changing landscape and embracing new challenges while also staying true to our passion for storytelling. Our commitment to providing the best service to clients means that today we offer the full spectrum of integrated PR and marketing communications services.

Our current team not only includes exceptional writers and media experts but also specialists in digital media, videography, animation, and more. We support our clients in building their own content hubs, growing their social audiences organically and through PPC campaigns, and maintaining a consistent stream of engaging content while managing their online communities.

Watching a ball game with Manitowoc friends

PR on three continents

Our journey has taken us to different corners of the world, as we opened offices in London, Chicago, and Singapore to better support clients in various time zones. While the pandemic has shifted our operations to remote work first, it has also allowed our team the flexibility to work from their preferred locations, fostering a great work-life balance.

Creating a fulfilling and supportive workplace has always been close to our hearts, and we are immensely proud of our dedicated and capable team. They are entrepreneurs and self-starters with a passion for business, engineering, science, and technology. Most recently, we’ve introduced the Pledge 1% scheme, allowing our employees to give back to charitable causes close to their hearts while on company time, further enhancing our commitment to social responsibility.

As I look back on the past 21 years, my memories are filled with so many people, places and good times. I feel privileged to be a part of SE10 and I would like to thank the remarkable clients who have trusted us to tell their stories over all those years, and the incredible team that has made it all possible. Together, we have grown, innovated, and adapted to the ever-changing landscape of industrial B2B communications. Here’s to the future of supporting our clients in enhancing their reputations and driving sales through the power of content, creativity, digital expertise, and data-driven insights. We look forward to many more years of collaboration, growth, and success.

Ben Shaw

By Ben Shaw


About the author

Ben is the CEO and a co-founder of SE10. His expertise includes client strategy, campaign development, custom publishing and business development. He oversees all company operations and works closely with account leads throughout SE10’s three offices. After studying Civil Engineering with Architecture at university, Ben went on to spend five years as a Technical Editor with one of the UK’s leading B2B publishers, before starting SE10. He is an active member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and previously served as Chair of the APAC Region and as a member of the organisation’s International Executive Board.