Celebrating a year at SE10: Rosie Hopkins reflects on growth and building client relationships

A year since her start at SE10 in the UK, Account Manager Rosie Hopkins reflects on her short yet impactful time with us so far. We sat down with her to chat about what drew her to SE10, her strategies for building effective client relationships, and the fresh perspectives she brings to the B2B space.

Rosie, I can’t believe it is a year since you joined SE10. The time has gone so quickly but it also feels as if you have always been a part of our team. Can you share with our readers a bit about your background and previous experiences before joining SE10?

I can’t believe it has been a year either. It has gone incredibly quickly time flies when you’re having fun! I have actually only been living the in UK for the past couple of years and before that, I was living and working in Singapore for seven. During that time, I worked for a charity fundraising platform for a few years as Head of Communications, Communications Manager at a large international school, and also worked for a PR agency.

This spread of experience has given me a very solid foundation. I understand the pressures that my clients face internally through my in-house roles, but at the same time, I can quickly grasp new industries and develop (and execute) compelling PR strategies with an agency mindset.

We are so happy that you decided to join our team. What was it specifically that attracted you to SE10 and has it lived up to your expectations? 

I just love the thrill of working in PR and wanted to expand my experience into the world of industrial B2B PR. I can safely say that, after a year with SE10, I am loving it. There are many things that attracted me to working at SE10. Several members of the team have been at the company for ten or more years proof that they are happy and fulfilled. Similarly, SE10 has some of the longest-standing clients I have ever seen at an agency a few have been with us for over two decades. This is a testament to the work that we do.

Rosie with several members of the team at this year's company meet-up in Brighton

Given your previous experience in the consumer and education sectors, how have you found the shift to B2B PR?

The opportunity to dig deep into the world of B2B PR has been both challenging and very rewarding. What I am experiencing is a complete knowledge exchange with clients and colleagues alike. I am delighted to bring top-tier and consumer experience to SE10 and my accounts. Equally, learning about new industries, and focusing primarily on a B2B approach has enhanced my skills. That being said, I always manage to sprinkle a bit of consumer thinking into most of the work I do!

Among your many talents, we are particularly grateful for your skills in tier 1 media relations and the fresh perspective you bring to our B2B clients. Can you give us an insight into your approach? 

What I love most about approaching a new brief or brand is stepping outside of the detail and thinking about the wider impact of whatever it is we are working on. Particularly in B2B industries, detail is key, but sometimes that detail is complex. When our clients want to enter the world of B2C and top tier media, we must switch our focus. Some questions I like to start with are:

  • Why is this important for the everyday person?
  • What can we tie to current affairs/hot topics in the media?
  • How can we transform this complex topic into easy-to-understand content?

You are also known for being a great team player and bring a sense of fun to SE10. What is your approach to collaboration with clients and colleagues to create a productive and enjoyable work environment?

I think that getting to know each other on a personal level is incredibly important. Amid our busy schedules, it’s easy to dive into work the minute you start a call. I am known for being a whirlwind of work and action talk. But actually, sharing personal experiences and learning about the personal worlds of my clients has enabled me to build real connections. At SE10, we are in the communications business, so I prioritise regular check-ins with clients to see how they are, update them on work, and make sure that they feel the respect that I have for them.

Fostering team bonds and long-lasting friendships during the SE10 London meet-up

As you reflect on your first year at SE10, what are some of your aspirations and goals for your continued journey with the company?

After a few years of moving around industries and between agency and in-house roles, I am happily committed and settled into SE10 for the long term. Therefore, I want to bring as much impact to the business and our clients as I possibly can. I will continue to learn from my colleagues and clients and hope I can continue to impart my knowledge to them.

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to your colleagues and clients at SE10 as you celebrate your first work anniversary?

I would just like to say a huge thank you! I have loved my first year at SE10 and working with you all and can’t wait for a cheers at our next meet-up.

By Salmah El Haissane

Account Manager

About the author

Originally from the UK, Salmah has been residing and working in Singapore for nine years. With a diverse background in both journalism and PR, her regional expertise spans B2B and B2C communications, media relations, content development, and campaign management.