SE10 responds to the impact of generative AI in public relations

The ever-changing world of public relations has quickly had to acknowledge the increasing presence of generative artificial intelligence within the industry, with the technology able to influence content creation, research, and audience engagement.

Generative AI refers to deep-learning digital models that can almost instantly generate high-quality text, images, and other content based on data and various algorithms, returning new content in response to individual prompts submitted online. From generating copy to analysing content, the integration of AI technologies is seen to streamline processes, which can ultimately amplify the impact and reach of communication efforts in the media ecosystem.

However, this is not a refined technology and its infiltration into the realm of PR has meant criticism and restraint alongside adaptation and understanding.

In a new series of blog posts, members of the SE10 team discuss the incorporation and increased presence of generative AI in PR and how it can be utilised effectively and without detriment to professional integrity.

Part One: Embracing a new era of artificial intelligence: How SE10 PR is approaching generative AI in day-to-day work.

In the first of SE10’s series of blog posts on the impact of generative AI in Public Relations, the team outlines individual approaches to the technology and how genAI can assist with day-to-day responsibilities to the benefit of the work process and the client.

Whilst for more personal content or thought leadership pieces there remains questions over its usefulness and depth, for case studies or customer success stories where there is typically a problem/solution/outcome model harnessing generative AI can be advantageous to the completion of a project.

Where the model provides a structured framework, generative AI can augment creativity within it. It can propose diverse solutions or outcomes that might not have been initially considered, thereby enriching the storytelling process.

Ben Shaw, CEO

I have been using generative AI as my brainstorming buddy. Asking for ideas at the ideation stage does help with my creativity, as I would do chatting over the top of a computer screen with colleagues in an office. It can often mean adding that first dash of colour to a blank slate. 

Rosie Hopkins, Account Director, UK

I have integrated AI tools into my workflow through technical research, leveraging specific marketing tools and brainstorming creative campaign ideas. It can be extremely efficient tool in these regards, especially when we’re talking about complex industries and the intrinsicality of our clients’ individual sectors and products. The ability to have a conversation with a language tool to dig deeper instantaneously has proven a solid time-saving method – streamlining processes and ensuring optimal utilisation of our resources. 

Yasmin Abraham, Digital Marketing Manager, UK

Generative AI has proven useful for providing structure and direction when starting to research new or unfamiliar subjects, summarising the main aspects of a topic to identify key areas to explore further. This has allowed me to be more efficient with my time. I have also experimented with genAI for drafting headlines, sparking my own creativity in coming up with snappier and more engaging options. 

Hannah Kitchener, Associate Director, UK

I’ve found generative AI to be useful for generating creative headline ideas for inspiration. It also provides suggestions to refine previously drafted sentences or lengthy paragraphs, and it can effectively summarise and reframe text. 

Julia Shrader, Account Executive, USA

AI platforms a great place to start brainstorming processes. It can be for a new story idea, or to develop questions for Q&As, or get a good introduction to issues that affect a specific industry. Of course, it is important to be aware of a platform’s weaknesses and to not take content for granted. Reviewing material at every stage is a crucial part of the content creation process. 

Mariana Santos, Account Director, USA

I’ve found generative AI very useful for summarising key information and helping to structure content. It’s also a good tool to help bring other perspectives and ideas. However, it still heavily relies on the human touch and voice to refine copy and from a reader’s perspective it should be evident when it has been used. There was one time I asked it to write a ‘Gen Z’ social media caption and it generated a copy with language that seemed to be targeted to a millennial audience, complete with an avocado emoji! Though it can be a good tool to help increase efficiency to free-up time to be more creative, no one should rely on it 100% to generate copy. 

Salmah El Haissane, Account Manager, Singapore

In the second part of the SE10 series on generative AI, we highlight how some clients are embracing generative AI to increase engagement.

Jack Porter

By Jack Porter

Account Executive

About the author

Jack is an account executive based in London, UK, who joined SE10 in 2022, assisting with media coverage and campaign management for European accounts. Arriving from a background in sports writing and video content production, thoughtfulness and consideration in presentation, and networking and building strong client relationships are key skills that have transitioned easily into PR. Jack has extensive experience in interviewing knowledgeable subjects and conveying received information to a wider readership in an understandable, relatable tone.