The SE10 PR Experience #2: Cross-cultural communication

In this episode of The SE10 PR Experience, we delve into the multifaceted world of international public relations with insights from SE10’s diverse team – Damian Joseph, Ricardo Rosa and Mariana Santos. Starting with a discussion on cultural awareness, this podcast episode explores the challenges and nuances of operating a global PR firm. It addresses the importance […]

A conversation with Ricardo Rosa

As we celebrate Ricardo Rosa’s recent promotion to Account Director and his decade since starting at SE10, we sat down with him to discuss his journey, passion for mentoring, and the strategies behind his exceptional client satisfaction. Congratulations Ricardo on your well-deserved promotion! How do you feel about reaching this milestone in your career with […]

The SE10 PR Experience #1: Where B2B and B2C collide

The SE10 PR Experience — a public relations podcast that goes to 11! Join us for in-depth conversations on topics that affect the worlds of PR, communications and marketing. Hosted by SE10 PR, the show has a decidedly international focus and features experts from around the world weighing in on the strategies that help global […]