The SE10 PR Experience #2: Cross-cultural communication

In this episode of The SE10 PR Experience, we delve into the multifaceted world of international public relations with insights from SE10’s diverse team – Damian Joseph, Ricardo Rosa and Mariana Santos. Starting with a discussion on cultural awareness, this podcast episode explores the challenges and nuances of operating a global PR firm. It addresses the importance of process management and adapting communication strategies across different cultural contexts. The episode also emphasizes the role of multilingualism and cultural understanding in global PR, sharing personal anecdotes and professional strategies for effective cross-cultural communication and content adaptation.

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By Damian Joseph

Vice President

About the Author

Damian Joseph hosts The SE10 PR Experience, a forum for in-depth conversations on topics that affect the worlds of PR, communications and marketing. The show has an international appeal and features experts from around the world discussing the strategies that help global companies communicate in a quickly evolving mediascape. 

Damian is a partner at SE10, a London-based public relations firm with offices in London, Chicago and Singapore. He works as an international media strategist and uses his experience to help clients deliver communications strategies, creative programming and compelling stories that connect with stakeholders on intellectual and emotional levels. Before moving into PR, Damian was a business journalist who specialized in innovation, technology and design. He was one of the youngest staff writers in Businessweek history and a contributor to Fast Company. He earned his master’s degree from Northwestern University.