Leveraging Hillhead 2024 for maximum media coverage

Hillhead 2024, scheduled for 25-28th June at the Tarmac limestone quarry near Buxton in Derbyshire, is one of the UK’s most anticipated events in the quarrying, construction, and recycling sectors this year. Welcoming 600 exhibitors and an anticipated 18,500 visitors, not only does the event promise a valuable platform for suppliers and customers to connect, […]

Five innovative formats journalists are embracing in the twenty-twenties

In the ever-evolving world of content, journalists are being forced to explore fresh and inventive ways to capture the attention of audiences. According to Hubspot, readers only get halfway through an article before they scroll, with Hootsuite suggesting that video attention span across most social channels is no more than 30 seconds. Meanwhile, print publications have […]

What lessons in journalism can bring to PR

One of SE10’s core strengths as a PR agency is that it is run and staffed largely by former journalists, who are not only experts in content creation but have firsthand knowledge of editors’ needs and challenges. Since transitioning from journalism into PR, the skills and insight gained during these formative experiences play an important […]

Using media relations to expand into North America

At SE10 we work with almost all clients on a global scale, harnessing the expertise and extensive networks of our teams based in the USA, UK, and Singapore. Among our most common briefs is to help clients expand into new markets and lately we’ve noticed a surge in interest from European and Asian brands looking […]

How to land a trade magazine cover story

Securing a cover story in a trade magazine is a coveted achievement that can significantly elevate a company’s visibility and reputation within its industry even in the digital age. At SE10, we pride ourselves on our expertise in landing cover stories, with a remarkable track record of securing 15 cover stories for a single client […]

Understanding the motivations and working conditions of media professionals

In the dynamic world of public relations, understanding the journalist’s perspective is crucial for building successful media relations strategies and at SE10, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by journalists, editors, and producers today. With most of our team having worked previously as journalists or having achieved professional […]