Leveraging Hillhead 2024 for maximum media coverage

Hillhead 2024, scheduled for 25-28th June at the Tarmac limestone quarry near Buxton in Derbyshire, is one of the UK’s most anticipated events in the quarrying, construction, and recycling sectors this year. Welcoming 600 exhibitors and an anticipated 18,500 visitors, not only does the event promise a valuable platform for suppliers and customers to connect, but it also offers significant opportunities for media exposure. Here’s why Hillhead matters so much from a PR perspective and how exhibitors can capitalise on their participation for maximum media impact.

Longstanding media interest

First held in 1982, Hillhead has a long and established reputation as a meeting place for the quarrying, construction, and recycling industries – and the organisers have developed strong relationships with key trade publications over the years. Coverage typically extends well beyond the official media partners, Quarry Management and AggNet, to include articles in UK-based publications, including Aggregates Business, Construction Europe, and The Construction Index to name just a few. Additionally, media outlets from Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, and the USA often cover the event, providing even more opportunities for exhibitors to reach their audience, not only within the UK but also internationally.

Magazine previews and show guides

Many of these titles are planning dedicated Hillhead previews and show guides, as indicated by the forward features lists included in their media packs. Over the coming months, we can expect to see numerous multi-page roundups and online coverage on the highlights visitors should look out for at Hillhead 2024. Exhibitors can make sure their innovations are included and help entice visitors to their stand or demonstrations by taking note of the deadlines for these features and submitting informative press releases in time. Print copies of some of the magazines will also likely be distributed at the show, expanding reach to individuals who are not current subscribers for an extra visibility boost.

Face-to-face engagement with journalists

Not only do many journalists write about Hillhead in the run-up to the event, but they also attend the show in person. Hillhead usually attracts a strong media presence, and exhibitors can use the occasion to network with editors and reporters, putting a face to a name or strengthening relations at the very least. An even greater opportunity lies in setting up face-to-face interviews between journalists and the product experts and company leaders on the stand. Although interviews can be arranged remotely at any time, product launches or milestones celebrated at the event present a great hook, while the personal interaction can make for a more engaging conversation. Journalists are also able to experience the products or solutions firsthand and capture their own images, potentially leading to the creation of more diverse and compelling content. If there is major news to announce, exhibitors could even consider hosting a press conference to amplify visibility and generate a buzz.

Media-worthy moments during the event

Finally, exhibitions often unfold with moments worth sharing, such as the signing of significant deals or commitments to collaborate on projects. With representatives from all parties in attendance, there’s ample opportunity for capturing compelling visuals and conducting brief interviews. During certain events, it’s not unusual for SE10 to assign a team member to be stationed at a client’s stand, poised to carry out interviews and swiftly draft press releases spotlighting any new agreements. Even in the absence of major deals, an exhibition still offers a good opportunity to gather customer quotes, take striking photos, or even conduct brief video interviews. These assets can be repurposed as testimonial content in the future, enhancing a brand’s credibility and outreach.

At SE10, we have extensive experience in facilitating successful media relations for clients during major industry exhibitions and are proud to support several clients exhibiting at Hillhead this year. So, if you’d be interested in exploring how we could help your company achieve similar success, feel free to get in touch for a consultation and quote. It would be our pleasure to have a chat.

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By Hannah Kitchener

Associate Director

About the Author

Hannah is an associate director based in the UK, who leverages her strategic, campaign management, and written content creation expertise to support clients in the construction, energy, and materials handling sectors across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). With a professional qualification in Journalism from the National Council of Training for Journalism in the UK, Hannah has strong interviewing and writing skills that enable her to craft compelling content for clients across multiple platforms. Her experience and knowledge of the construction, energy, and materials handling sectors, meanwhile, have helped her build a strong network of trade media contacts across the EMEA region, enabling her to secure meaningful media coverage for clients. In addition to her journalism training, Hannah’s academic qualifications have further honed her ability to communicate across cultures and languages. Having studied French and German at BA level, and with an MA in Translation, Hannah has a passion for inter-cultural communication, which is invaluable to SE10 in executing PR campaigns across multiple markets and in several languages.