From client visits to pivotal pitches: Ben Shaw’s productive trip to Singapore

In late March 2023, my colleagues Salmah, Neha and I had the pleasure of hosting Ben Shaw, our CEO, at our SE10 Singapore office. Ben’s two-week trip to Singapore was packed with exciting opportunities as we dove into client visits, gained business insights, and got a glimpse of upcoming launches.

One standout moment during our visit was when we headed to the Ecolab office and had the chance to meet with their senior leadership team. We engaged in fruitful discussions about enhancing our communication strategies.

SE10 at the Ecolab office in Singapore

Another memorable meeting took place with Lintec & Linnhoff, a global manufacturer and distributor specializing in cutting-edge asphalt mixing plants and concrete batching plants. During our conversation, we explored strategies to boost their social media presence, recognizing the vital role of effective communication in today’s digital landscape.

SE10 meets up with Lintec & Lindhoff
Miniature plant at the Lintec & Lindhoff office

Last but not least, we had the privilege of meeting with Manitowoc, a valued client and the world’s leading provider of lifting equipment for the global construction industry. Our discussion provided valuable insights into their business, as well as potential opportunities for collaboration.

On top of client engagements, we also carved out time to work on a new business proposal, which we later presented to potential clients. This exciting venture allowed us to showcase our creativity and strategic thinking, cementing SE10’s reputation as an innovative PR agency.

Medha, Salmah, Neha and Ben at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Our SE10 Singapore office was buzzing with activity during Ben’s trip. Through client visits, engaging discussions, and impressive pitches, we reaffirmed our commitment to delivering exceptional PR solutions. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact of these experiences on our future endeavors and the continued growth of our company.

By Medha Satapathy

Account Executive

About the Author

Medha Satapathy joined the SE10 Singapore team at the end of 2021 as an account executive, working across several client accounts. From carrying out research and building media lists, through drafting and pitching content, to reporting on results, Medha is crucial to the development and execution of various client PR campaigns across southeast Asia and beyond.