Key takeaways from PR Moment’s Social in B2B event

SE10’s digital marketing manager, Yasmin Abraham, recently attended the Social in B2B  conference hosted by PR Moment in London, UK. During this event, she gained valuable insights into why B2B currently stands out as one of the most intriguing segments of marketing communication.   The conference featured enlightening discussions led by prominent speakers such as Charlie […]

Four reasons why you should include listicles in your content strategy

Everyone who browses the Internet will have stumbled upon a listicle before – and chances are you clicked on it. Listicles are created to grab a reader’s attention and hold it, but why are they so brilliant? 1 While scrolling through our Facebook feeds, we might come across a share-worthy article. However, the likeliness of […]

Social media – not all platforms are equal

With more than two billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social networks – but surprisingly, it doesn’t dominate the social landscape. In the 2017 World Map of Social Networks, Facebook led in 119 out of the 149 countries analysed – mostly in the Americas and Europe. Instagram, meanwhile, led in […]