Ethical communications in the age of ‘fake news’

We’re all familiar with the term ‘fake news’ and the issues it can cause, but what does it mean for the ethicality of communications? The ever-expanding nature of the internet has allowed the concept of fake news to grow at exponential speeds, revolutionising the way in which we communicate, and impacting the role of the […]

New-found power: the growth of renewable energy in industrial sectors

The past couple of years have seen a notable increase in the conversation around renewable energy, helped by a succession of eye-catching headlines such as this, this and this. And there is little doubt we will see that conversation increase in the coming years, along with further rises in the uptake and expansion of the sector. In the industrial […]

Why podcasts are the perfect medium for PR

In March 2018, Apple reported a staggering 50 billion all-time podcast downloads from its platforms globally. The US tech giant began hosting podcasts on iTunes in 2005 and while listenership grew steadily over the first decade, the last few years have seen an explosion in their popularity. Edison Research found in 2013 that 12% of […]

Multilingual content – we’re lovin’ it!

When fast-food giant McDonald’s launched its global i’m lovin’ it campaign in 2003 the company wanted to make sure customers received the same branding message and were impacted in the same way worldwide. To that end, the slogan was adapted for more than 20 different languages – becoming ‘me encanta’ in Spanish-speaking countries, ‘c’est tout ce […]