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SE10 offers a powerful combination of global reach, a deep understanding of the business press. Klas Magnusson, SVP corporate communications, Volvo CE


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Volvo Construction Equipment – Delivering a total integrated communications package

Part of one of the world’s best-known brands, Volvo’s construction equipment division is a major international company developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment for construction and related industries. Its products, leaders in many world markets, include wheel loaders, excavators and articulated haulers.

The challenge

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) employs some 14,500 people in factories, offices, and dealerships, serving customers in more than 150 countries. Due to the sheer scale and variety of Volvo CE’s operations, reaching its audiences, both internal and external, in a compelling and consistent manner is no mean feat.


The solution

SE10 has worked with Volvo CE for more than a decade, delivering a total integrated communications package across its corporate communications and marketing functions at global headquarters and in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions. During this time we have developed a deep understanding of Volvo CE’s products, customers, processes and culture, and our communications experts have completed several secondments at Volvo offices internationally, and customer visits. Together with our global overview, the first-hand experience and network we have built up enable us to ensure the effective and consistent communication of Volvo CE’s messages around the world.

Internally our work maintaining and populating the company intranet, producing newsletters and webcasts, facilitating Q&As with senior leaders, supporting communications coaching for managers, and launching an enterprise social network is contributing to a high level of employee engagement at Volvo CE. In this environment employees have the knowledge and enthusiasm to realise the company’s business goals.

Externally our work with the international media – comprising the generation of press releases, editorial submissions, events and outreach – has earned Volvo CE more regular coverage for its products and activities than any of its competitors. The strong brand awareness and positive public perception we have supported, have helped Volvo CE turn prospects into leads. Furthermore, the powerful website texts, flyers and brochures we produce in collaboration with Volvo CE’s marketing departments, are helping turn these leads into sales.

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