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ReneSola – Launching a customer-centric public relations campaign

ReneSola is one of the world's top 10 solar panel manufacturers. The billion-dollar company operates plants in Asia, the Americas and Europe and supplies a complete range of photovoltaic systems to businesses and residences across the world.

The challenge

Despite achieving regular coverage for its sales achievements, new contracts and partnerships in the energy trade press, ReneSola believed its public relations strategy was contributing little to the bottom line. The company engaged SE10 to help refocus its content and media relations activities, raise awareness of its products and services beyond its own industry and reach the construction contractors, electrical installation companies, facility managers, and private owners who could potentially become customers.


The solution

Having researched communication trends among ReneSola’s competitors in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region, SE10 discovered that very few manufacturers were discussing the actual technology involved in capturing energy from the sun and its increasingly important environmental and financial rewards. This was an area ReneSola could ‘own’ and become the go-to source of information for the solar industry.

SE10 interviewed ReneSola’s technical experts to produce a series of articles that delved deeper into solar technology from a novice standpoint – with a focus on its many benefits – and pitch to relevant niche and national press. The coverage introduced solar technology to a wider audience in an educational yet entertaining away, supporting ReneSola’s sales and marketing aims.

Since then SE10 has helped create and execute a long-term public relations strategy for ReneSola, based on the editorial calendars of its key media targets. Each week information and comments are put together to add value to specific features, ensuring the ReneSola brand and the value of its offering remains at the front of potential customers’ minds. 

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