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A good blog gives you that “other” perspective. It’s a chance to blow off steam, or indulge in a private passion. But standing out from the over-crowded blogosphere is a tough trick to pull off, one the SE10 blog does time and again. Richard High, Editor of Mining World 


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This blog shares the latest PR thinking from across our three offices, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at some of our most exciting projects and events.

It pays to be nice

Published: 27 September 16 Written by Brian O'Sullivan Blog

The ability to get along with people is seriously under-rated in business. But because it's a bit fluffy and often can't be learnt or measured, 'get-along-ability' tends to be ignored in business self-help books and MBA curricula. But it is, assuming that you can do your job relatively well, among the most important attributes for a successful career.

In the hot seat: Randolph Pitzer

Published: 01 September 16 Written by Hannah Ledden Blog

Over the years, Randolph 'Randy' Pitzer has built up an impressive résumé of achievements and experience. From working as an editor of a local newspaper in Missouri, News Democrat, to working with internationally renowned PR agencies, including Edelman, Ketcham and OlgivyPR, Randy brings a wealth of knowledge to his position as general manager of SE10's Americas operations.

PR: What to do in a crisis

Published: 10 August 16 Written by Katherine Brook Blog

Reputation is a fragile thing – it can take years to build up but mere moments to come crashing down. A company crisis can destroy your reputation if it isn't handled appropriately, but smart communications when the chips are down can keep you afloat.

Hillhead 2016: My first trade show

Published: 22 July 16 Written by Tola Betiku Blog

Senior account executive Tola Betiku looks back on her first ever trade show, after attending Hillhead 2016 in Derbyshire UK – the world's largest live demonstration event for construction, quarrying and recycling.

7 things that an internship teaches you that the classroom can’t

Published: 12 July 16 Written by Hannah Ledden Blog

Returning intern Hannah Ledden reflects on her second stint at SE10's London office, and discusses the differences between real world work and university education.

The power of the mind

Published: 20 June 16 Written by Tola Betiku Blog

New senior account executive Tola Betiku reflects on the power of the mind when switching industries, and how an appetite to learn coupled with a bit of help from the team can make for a smooth transition.

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