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A good blog gives you that “other” perspective. It’s a chance to blow off steam, or indulge in a private passion. But standing out from the over-crowded blogosphere is a tough trick to pull off, one the SE10 blog does time and again. Richard High, Editor of Mining World 


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This blog shares the latest PR thinking from across our three offices, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at some of our most exciting projects and events.

New passport stamps – Brazil and Chile

Published: 17 November 14 Written by Ricardo Rosa Blog

If you suspect public relations has great perks, I’m here to assure you, you are right. In September, I was able to visit both Brazil and Chile to help advance some of our clients’ communication efforts in Latin America. And, while there were plenty of work obligations, Brazilians and Chileans certainly know how to make you feel welcomed.

3 signs your company is in need of some internal PR

Published: 10 November 14 Written by Hannah Kitchener Blog

It’s easy to take communication for granted. We’ve been doing it our entire lives, mostly without much thought. But just because we’re born with the ability to communicate, that doesn’t mean the organizations we work for are naturally good at it too. To become good at anything requires hours of deliberate thinking and practice.

The dos and don'ts of crisis communications

Published: 04 November 14 Written by Brian O'Sullivan Blog

If there is an incident at your facility – injury, fire, strike or pollution of a local waterway – this will arouse general media interest. You won’t then be dealing with one journalist, but a whole pack of them. Here’s how to survive the furore. When the media arrives on your doorstep, they need to be controlled. 

How should PR agencies be paid?

Published: 28 October 14 Written by Ronan Cloud Blog

The ‘project’ vs. ‘retainer’ debate has raged for years in the comms industry. The answer to this is not clear cut. Clients must decide if they want a long-term partner or a one-goal (or serial) ally. Both options have their merits but the deciding factor hinges on the needs of the client.

I've got 5 minutes before I have to speak to the press - what do I need to remember?

Published: 21 October 14 Written by Brian O'Sullivan Blog

Okay, keep calm. If you remember nothing more than the following tips you will be able to ‘face the media’ with confidence. Remember: it is HOW you say what you say that really matters, which is why you have to acquire the techniques.

The e-volution of the PR industry

Published: 13 October 14 Written by Mackenzie Gorham Blog

Working with a group of talented former journalists at SE10 has allowed me to learn a lot during my internship – but being one of the only Public Relations majors in the company, I realized that I also have some insight worth sharing. During my college education, the growth of the internet and its impact on the industry was constantly emphasized. 

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