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A good blog gives you that “other” perspective. It’s a chance to blow off steam, or indulge in a private passion. But standing out from the over-crowded blogosphere is a tough trick to pull off, one the SE10 blog does time and again. Richard High, Editor of Mining World 


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This blog shares the latest PR thinking from across our three offices, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at some of our most exciting projects and events.

Is print coverage really better than online?

Published: 18 May 15 Written by Hannah Kitchener PR

The ease and speed with which we can now access the internet – anytime and almost anywhere – has had a profound effect on traditional media. Newspapers, magazines, television channels and radio stations are all moving online in a bid to satisfy our ever-growing demand for instant information.

What makes great technical writing?

Published: 12 May 15 Written by SE10 Writing

Much of our time at SE10 is dedicated to technical and business writing – whether for a press release, editorial article, web text, product brochure or employee magazine. So for this week’s blog post, we decided to ask SE10 staff from across our three offices, what they consider the secret to excellent technical and business writing.

Does your comms team live-tweet at events?

Published: 01 May 15 Written by Hannah Kitchener Blog

Live-tweeting at exhibitions, conferences or product launches creates a buzz among those present and at home, as audiences no longer have to wait for news to break, presentations to be published online or to meet up with colleagues in order to enter into wider discussions surrounding the event. 

Picture perfect: The importance of photography in public relations

Published: 27 April 15 Written by Damian Joseph Blog

There’s nothing like a good photo – really, there is nothing like a good photo. Scan through any magazine, newspaper, website, Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook feed and what do you see? Photo after photo after photo.

How to communicate change successfully

Published: 20 April 15 Written by Holly Brace Blog

When a company is going through a period of change – whether it is structural, strategic or both – communication is vital in sustaining employee engagement. Restructuring rings alarm bells. Employees start asking themselves: “Am I going to lose my job? How will this affect me?” 

What do successful PR campaigns have in common?

Published: 17 April 15 Written by Ricardo Rosa) Blog

Much to the dismay of PR professionals everywhere, there is no fail-proof formula to a PR campaign. No matter how brilliant the idea, the entire strategy could be still be an embarrassing flop – all because of an unseen turn of events. So, how do you protect yourself and clients from failure and build a successful PR campaign?

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