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A good blog gives you that “other” perspective. It’s a chance to blow off steam, or indulge in a private passion. But standing out from the over-crowded blogosphere is a tough trick to pull off, one the SE10 blog does time and again. Richard High, Editor of Mining World 


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This blog shares the latest PR thinking from across our three offices, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at some of our most exciting projects and events.

One year in – Five things I’ve learned during my first year in PR

Published: 10 August 15 Written by Mackenzie Gorham PR

This summer I hit my one year mark at SE10. While my education was a great foundation to embark on my career, this first year in the industry has taught me just as much as my three years in school. 

3 reasons your PR strategy isn’t working

Published: 04 August 15 Written by Hannah Kitchener PR

Are you disappointed with the amount of media coverage you are receiving for your company? If so, it’s time to take a long hard look at your PR strategy. Are you guilty of any of these common PR faux pas? Be honest now. 1. Your content is too self-serving. There's always an element of 'blowing your own trumpet' in PR.

SE10 speaks: What inspired you to get into PR?

Published: 27 July 15 Written by Administrator PR

In this month’s SE10 internal bulletin we asked team members – some former journalists and others language and literature graduates – from across our three offices in London, Chicago and Singapore what made them want to work in public relations. Here is a snapshot of their answers.

Why SE10 hires so many former journalists

Published: 20 July 15 Written by Damian Joseph Agency

As traditional journalism is placed under increasing pressure from all directions, more and more journalists are moving into the world of corporate communications. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported that communicators outnumber journalists now four to one. Indeed a large proportion of SE10’s staff comes from the journalism world.

What I’ve learnt as an intern at SE10

Published: 08 July 15 Written by Hannah Ledden Blog

As a Journalism and Marketing undergraduate at London Metropolitan University, I was determined to make the most of my first summer in the capital. My time at SE10 has been full of lessons that could have only been uncovered through first-hand experience. As a student, deciding which career path to take is a daunting one.

Four steps to a healthy client-agency relationship

Published: 06 July 15 Written by Ricardo Rosa Advice

For corporate communications directors who have worked with public relations consultants for many years, it is easy to pinpoint the tremendous gains SE10 has helped achieve. For those who have had little or unsuccessful experiences with a PR agency, the story is very different.

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