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A good blog gives you that “other” perspective. It’s a chance to blow off steam, or indulge in a private passion. But standing out from the over-crowded blogosphere is a tough trick to pull off, one the SE10 blog does time and again. Richard High, Editor of Mining World 


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This blog shares the latest PR thinking from across our three offices, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at some of our most exciting projects and events.

The Power of the Press Release

Published: 20 July 11 Written by Administrator PR

A recent study estimated that the average person living in a metropolitan city is exposed to 5,000 advertisements each day- and 54 percent of people make efforts to avoid ads when possible.  In this era of “information overload,” the good old-fashioned press release should not be overlooked as a vehicle to reach your target audience.

Summer sun

Published: 29 June 11 Written by Administrator Tenesol

When it rains, it pours: this month, three American industry giants announced, within just days – and completely independently – of each other, their plans to help beef up solar energy usage in the US.

Why English is the language of business

Published: 24 June 11 Written by Administrator Business

Today, business is global. And of course it needs a common language. But why is that language English? Well, there are two major reasons.

Members only: why SE10 joined the PRCA

Published: 17 September 10 Written by Administrator Agency

Whether they're professional associations, nightclubs or secret societies; members-only clubs can seem like a closed shop. If you don't satisfy complex membership criteria, you're unlikely to get a toe through the door.

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